Tuesday, 14 February 2012

My second notebook holder

Here's another little notebook holder that I started at home and finished off in class yesterday. Hope you like it!


jackiescrafts said...

This is great Shairon you are really on a roll now. I love that paper it's very pretty

Jackie x

sam21ski said...

Gorgeous xxx

crafty creations said...

Its beautiful Shairon and so professionally finished x Hilda

Joy said...

Very professional Shairon. Gorgeous! xx

sam21ski said...


Hope you are well and Happy Belated birthday. Sorry I'm not in a position to send you a card, as I've none made, but I will make it up to you when I am able!!!

In the meantime I've decided to set up a forum. Now I know you already belong to L2Do Rev. but I didn't want you to think I was ignoring you or not making you welcome, hence the reason I'm leaving you this message. I would have emailed but don't have your addy.

Anyway, if you fancy it, the addy is


Please don't feel you have to join, I don't want to put you in a compromising position or upset anyone, but if you want to you will be most welcome.

Sam xxxx

Janet Baldwin said...

Love what you have done with this. You will have some wonderful gifts when you have finished this course!! Hop on over to my blog to check out a little surprise for you!

Toulouse31 said...

Hi Shairon, nice to hear from you.Your course looks like you are learning some really great stuff. I had some complications after the left eye surgery, somewhat lost in translation but it seems that I had a bit of stitch that didn't disolve and then my eye got infected. I've had the non disolving stitch thing before, its something to do with having hypermobile joints and coallegen problems with healing. So I am sitting here with one eye almost healed, no contact lense allowed in the right, a pair of glasses with only one lense in the right AND on top of those glasses a pair of reading glasses, to say I look somwhat strange is an understatement LOL! So fingers crossed for thursday's laser surgery, much les invasive than the implated lense. I've also been looking up EU law regarding the UK Govnt ending INcapacity benefit as a NI based benefit and stopping all us expats getting our dosh! not that they are reducing National Insurance contributions, though!