Saturday, 14 February 2009

Wings challenge

Here is my offering for today's challenge on Lotstodo. I would have also liked to enter the previous post (Japanese screen) but as I made it before the challenge was set, I guess it won't be possible.

Saturday, 7 February 2009

Japanese screen

Here's the second card that I made today that I can't bear to part with! What to do? Make replicas I hear you say. Good idea, so I'll try to do that over the next few days. They won't be quite the same but at least I'll still have the originals to stroke.........

Have you ever.........

made a card that you just couldn't bear to send to the person you originally made it for? I'm ashamed to say it happened to me recently. Everything just seemed to come together so well, that in the end, I can't bear to part with it. Maybe the solution is to sell it to my DH then he can give it to me on my birthday and I'll get to keep it for ever?!!

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Dog or seal pup?

Sorry, yet another post about my pooch. He ranks a close 2nd equal with my love of crafting, just a millimetre behind my love for my DH - awwwww! Well, it is nearly St Valentine's! Anyway, I couldn't resist showing this photo of "himself" in his Teddy bag looking for all the world like a little seal pup!
Judge for yourselves........

Monday, 2 February 2009

Is this the same dog?

Teddy finally went for a bath and a short back and sides this morning - I couldn't stand the smell any longer! I think he is much cuter with long hair but it is so difficult to keep him groomed. It took the poor woman at the Poodle Parlour an hour and a half to "coif" him!

Sunday, 1 February 2009

Little book!

Hi everyone. Well, after much deliberation and two abortive tries, I have finally managed to produce my first little book! You will have seen the covers a couple of weeks ago and today I have attempted to add the inside pages. I think it needs a special occasion so that one can make a theme for the book but in the absence of that, I have added a tea-bag fold to the inside cover and a lovely Joanna Sheen vintage stamped image to the first page which I then covered with sequin waste and daubed over with cotton buds streaked with chalk. I'm quite happy with the result. Just need to make another 6 pages to the book to complete it!