Saturday, 8 June 2013


You might be forgiven for thinking that I had totally disappeared from blogland but as many of you will know we sold our home in France and returned to the UK in March this year. We have had to do some serious downsizing, especially in my new craft space! Of course I couldn't part with any of my stash so now I have to try to find storage systems in order to empty all the boxes! I mustn't complain though as I have the attic bedroom all for my craft things PLUS the little summer house in the garden!!! It is just a question of getting organised but there are more pressing priorities at the moment, like extending the kitchen and refitting it, making the smallest bedroom into a shower room and totally revamping the bathroom.  Apart from that, we are absolutely loving being back in the UK. We are only 3 minutes' walk from the beach and a 2 minute walk from a huge clifftop park - Teddy just loves it! We have wonderful neighbours all around us and a very small, manageable garden. In my spare time (ha!) I am thinking about setting up a new blog. If I succeed, I'll give you directions to it from here, but don't hold your breath, lol!