Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Modest craft grab in Glasgow!

On our whistle-stop trip to Glasgow to change the car last week, I managed to make some time to pick up one or two bits - all essentials of course! I can't believe how restrained I was. Still, it was only 12 weeks since I was last there (see photo of craft stash then below!)

Friday, 4 June 2010

Mail art entry

Here I am at the 11th hour submitting my entry to this week's challenge on Lotstodo, which is Mail Art. As I have the necessary Clarity stamps, it seemed a shame not to enter. I have to admit, it is an unfinished card but hope it fits the bill. I'll finish it off later.

Thursday, 3 June 2010

Side view of Japanese picture

Just wanted to show the depth in this picture which was the whole point of it. The "screens" gradually come towards you and were built up with lots of layers.

Second Japanese photo

After several unsuccessful attempts to upload the other photos, I have blogged this just to let you know that I am having problems. Sorry! If the photos load, then I stand corrected! Let me know your preferred embellishment in the bottom left-hand corner. Thanks.

Can't blog other images at the moment

For reasons unknown to me, I seem unable to add any other photos to my blog at the moment so can't give you the alternative embellishment to choose from. See technology!

Third picture framing project

Well folks, here is my third and latest project in the art of picture mounting. I can't really call it picture framing as it is more about the image and surrounding mount than the frame which is done by professionals. This was a pretty challenging project which I am delighted to say that I managed to complete and in a very short space of time! Just wish I had made more notes! You will need to click on the image to see it closer. The 3 "sliding screens" on the left are all graded, one behind the other which is why I have shown 3 images in total - sorry if it gets a bit boring! I still haven't decided which embellishment I should add bottom left so if you would like to leave your opinion, I would be very grateful. Personally, I lean towards the gold square (difficult to see, I know)but others have said that they prefer the longer, copper one which echoes the screens. I will add whichever on the outside of the glass (as advised my prof) when the votes are counted!