Saturday, 14 August 2010

Zentangle egg

Technology and I don't make good bedfellows! I uploaded this photo and promply lost it in cyberspace so if anyone finds it, can you please let me know!


The challenge on Lots to Do this week is Zentangles which I really enjoy. It's just a posh name for doodling which is very relaxing (hence the "zen" in zentangles). Some time ago I posted a coloured zentangle (they are usually done in black ink) of my hand so apologies for submitting yet another, this time with a coloured background. If you just draw round your hand you have ready made shapes to doodle inside, making starting off easier. I also did an egg shape on a pale brayered background. Check out this link You'll soon be hooked too!

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Christmas calligraphy verse

I've been having a look through my calligraphy drawer with a view to picking up where I left off nearly 20 years ago and saw this verse. The lettering isn't great as it was one of my very early pieces but I do love the sentiment and the style of the stained glass. Must have had more imagination in those days - lol! The parchment is a lovely pale green which doesn't show up too well but of course the smudge at the "t" in stall does - typical! I do have to say that the smudge wasn't there 20 years ago - honest!

Monday, 2 August 2010

Calligraphy competition entry

We've been posting about calligraphy on LTDR today so I just wanted to share a piece I did almost 20 years ago at night school in Scotland for an Osmiroid competition. I didn't win but enjoyed taking part. I love penmanship but it is a long laborious process not only in the learning but also in the preparation as you have to rule up all the lines in pencil first. Of course, if you arrive at the last word of your masterpiece and make an error........... or even worse notice a spelling mistake!!!