Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Pam's birthday card

This is an encaustic piece that I made a few months ago. My friend Pam admired it and so I earmarked it for her birthday card. Happy Birthday, Pam!


sam21ski said...

Lucky Pam

Great piece of artwork

Sam xxx

Joy said...

Great idea for a workshop Shairon, Your friends will be sure to enjoy it. Love the variety of techniques you have used and it all looks so professional.
Pam's card looks amazing too,fantastic shades of blue. You are so talented. xx

Shairon said...

Joy, you make me blush. I have a way to go to catch up with you! x

Sharon said...

I wish I was Pam!!!! Just beautiful. Hows the Pup. Took Teddy with me on my day of sketching in Snoqualmie. That was an experience.... He became very spoiled from attention of passerby's! But it was fun and sunny for once.