Sunday, 27 December 2009

Blog dog!

I bought some dog stamps from a seller on ebay and have been trying to get decent images from them for the past few months. They are polymer stamps and for some reason, are as sticky on the front as they are on the back so the black ink just lifts off when I take the stamp off the card. The answer seems to be to wash them well in soapy water before using each time. Finally I have an image that I am happy with. This is the same breed as I own - a Bichon Frise - which is quite popular here in France. In real life he gives me as much grief as this stamp did! Not true, I love him to bits, he is a real little character and I wouldn't swap him for anything! Well, maybe a 20 euro note or a nice bottle of Sancerre.......I'm open to offers!


crafty creations said...

Well you've certainly cracked it now - beautiful card with stunning image xx Hilda

Ang C said...

A gorgeous card

Bee said...

I have the same stamp albeit a wood mounted one, and love it. I've had 3 bichons in the past but have a lovely westie now. Polymer stamps always seem to have a coating on when new and do need this removed before you use them, I have had the same problems as you.

Love your work