Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Glasgow Craft Stash

Just back from our UK trip last night having added 4,000 miles to our ancient jalopy's mileometer. The old girl did us proud as she fast approaches her quarter of a million milestone! But best of all, she carefully carried my not inconsiderable craft stash and I unpacked it all today with not a casualty in sight (mostly due to DH's careful packing I have to say!). I think I have been rather frugal in my purchases. See what you think from the THREE photos....... In my defence, one or two things were bought by request for friends here! Tomorrow's problem is trying to find homes for everything! I foresee many happy hours ahead playing with my new "toys" and will post the results of my endeavours as they arise.


sam21ski said...

Well it looks to me like you got all essential stuff, well done on your shopping

Glad you had a good trip and you are back safe and sound

xxxx - Sam

Mags said...

Wow, didn't you have a great crafty buy!

I have the dreamweave?? stencil, on your first picture, to the right, but haven't used mine yet, mine came with paste to use with it.

I'll dig mine out soon & we can compare projects!

SueHart said...

Some great stuff you've got there, Shairon. I'm sure you'll have great fun using it all!!
Glad you had a good trip. x