Friday, 17 October 2008

Japanese fan

Gosh, is it really 16 days since I last posted? Sorry folks, but I've been working hard to build up my stocks for the exhibition which is now a mere 7 days away!

This is a fairly complicated card composed of 3 embossed fan sections which are then cut out and backed by this scrummy Japanese paper. A tassle is added to hold it all together I usually only do it for VERY special friends' birthdays!

Don't forget to click on the photo for a closer look.


sam21ski said...

Simply stunning, love the elegant look and thefab colours

Mags said...

This is very elegant, i love the fans

Ang C said...

This is very elegant looking

Claireabelle said...

This is stunning, looks like a lot of work! well done Shairon

inkythings said...

Stunning Shairon and a lot of work but it shows in the composition


inkythings said...

Gorgeous - so elegant