Friday, 8 August 2008

Thank you card

This card was made using a red plastic string bag that some oranges were packaged in from the supermarket. I simply placed a piece between some baking parchment and ironed it quickly on a medium "non steam" setting. Then I embedded it on a Bondaweb painted background and added a couple of embellishments. A very quick, easy, inexpensive thank you card that doesn't look cheap!

I'm off on holiday to Scotland tomorrow morning for 2 weeks where I hope to trawl around the craft shops in Glasgow and Ayr. Do I need any more crafting materials?! Do I need a migraine?!

Sorry to be leaving my little crafting companion behind but my Significant Other will take good care of him. I know because I have put velcro on each of them!

Happy crafting while I'm gone!


sam21ski said...

Fantastic xxxx

glitterthread said...

love it. such a good way to use everyday packaging. good to see you doing your bit for the enviro