Wednesday, 30 July 2008


Here are three examples of painted Tyvek which has then been "sandwiched" between baking parchment and ironed. The blue, green and red piece (painted with watered down acrylics) and the brown/gold piece have been ironed on both sides to create a "holey" effect, while the turquoise/blue piece (which was painted with irridescent watercolour paints) was ironed on one side only leaving a more 3D effect. You can further distress your Tyvek with a heat gun, something I have yet to try!

By the way, many thanks to those kind crafters who left complimentary comments recently.


Shaz said...

this looks like an interesting technique, must look into your card underneath too..ty for visiting my blog, the dogs do take up alot of time, but they are worth it..if I had a bigger pla e..Id have more!! Your wee man is a cutie (I dont suppose he would be pleased with that comment haha)

sam21ski said...

Fab effects, I have some of this and I must try it. What did you colour the brown one with?